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Bongo - Drums
Ole Brockman - Bass

- We invite relevant co-musicians, depending on the nature of the project.

The band ReCulture is built as a "project band" in the sense that we do not have a "Band repertoire" but are working from project to project. It may be with different artists, or for different events ranging from individual gigs, extensive tours or recording with various artists. Also, Remixes and Dubversions is in the pipeline.

We invite relevant co-musicians, depending on the nature of the project. It has proved useful since most (good) musicians are very busy. It is more manageable for a musician to commit to a temporary project, rather than being a permanent member in a band.

So far we have created a mini-tour last year with Espen (Mzungo Kichaa) - plus a few failed projects (That's also a part of the project concept (c:)

A project is led artistically by the artist / innovator and I'm the practically Band Leader.

It is indeed an extension of the old term: "Backing Band" - just in a more flexible manner.

Projects are a way to play something we ourselves would not have thought of and thus explore unknown territory. In this way we expand our musical horizons and will hopefully be more versatile musicians, so we are better and better equipped for new projects. (Espen got us for example to play both HiLife and Dance Hall.)

I firmly believe that inspiration and development are keys to progress as a musician.

When ReCulture are "themselves" - without front figure, we play totally improvised dub reggae in a "far out" style, often with surprise guest stars from the audience. This way of playing, exercises our ability to draw new musicians into our projects as we are accustomed to unpredictability.

- So if you're the Danish Linton Kwesi Johnson, or just your very own DubPoet. If you have a few Reggae Tunes and you are missing the band to record - or you have a brand new idea for an event - so please let us know. We are always hungry for new challenges ...

Greetings Bongo* - The Drummer

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