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 This new Danish Root Core Reggaeband is a coaliton betweeen Bass Player ....Don Brock.... and Drummer ..Claus "Bongo" Winther.., who has finally joined forces in order to create a new radical Reggae sound from the heights of Scandinavia ....
 Together with DubMaster, Rene Jensen and EffectMaster Lars Lynge.... this band is reculturing a strong bid on how original Reggae music can be played, with no compromise or frills but still openminded and spaceious enough to harness all sort of expressions, mixing with various sing jays, D.J.'s and who ever present that night for some fresh jam stylees .... Backingband for artists such as Mzungu Kichaa AKA Effigong, Pops Jabu, Collins Woode and many more...

Greetings Bongo * - The Drummer

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